Relational Wisdom 360

A seminar designed to work through the loss associated with an exit from ministry

Relation Wisdom 360 is a live, one-day seminar designed to provide an introduction to relational wisdom. It is highly interactive, involving teaching, viewing and analysis of numerous video clips, group discussions, and application exercises.

The seminar was designed by Ken Sande, founder of Relational Wisdom 360 and Peacemakers Ministries, and author of The Peacemaker. Students leave with a detailed Study Guide and a Personal RW Action Plan that includes practical homework and ongoing exercises that will encourage them to continue learning and applying relational wisdom in their daily lives.

What to Expect

The Relational Wisdom 360 seminar will enhance your ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word, and to use this insight to manage your responses and relationships successfully. Seminar outcomes include:

  • Stronger Relationships
  • Improved Team-Building
  • Better Job Performance
  • A More Credible Witness for Christ
Bring the Relational Wisdom 360 seminar to your place of ministry.