General Fund

Your financial support of this ministry has the potential of assisting many of the thousands of exited pastors in the United States today. Many are being forced out of their ministries without any idea of what the future holds. You can help them by helping us continue this ongoing work.

Staff Support

Our staff are supported by the faithful generosity of those who want to see pastors renewed and restored. PIR Ministries is a “faith” mission, and your gift for staff support can be made through the PIR Giving Account.



There are several additional resources that can be purchased online through the PIR Giving Account.

  • Books
  • Pro-D Assessments
  • Scholarship Fund

After prayerful consideration, your support for this ministry and its staff can be made by making your donation online or mailing it to:
Pastor-in-Residence Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 64934
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4934