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Partnering with God & the Church to restore pastoral lives
Hundreds of pastoral families have experienced God’s grace and healing work through PIR's preventative and renewal-oriented tools.
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PIR Ministries Staff

Roy Yanke

Executive Director

Dr. Daniel Borg

Regional Director

Jason Eddy

Regional Director

Tom Jameson

Regional Director

Sean Nemecek

Regional Director

Leonard Mukoma

Regional Director

Mike Powell

Regional Director

Tim Young

Regional Director

Karol Gee

Administrative Assistant

Anne Horton

Regional Representative

Jason Yum

Regional Representative

Lisa Mauric

Regional Representative

Taurai Matokwe

Regional Representative

Brian Magwenzi

Regional Representative

Jim Amandus

Ambassador at Large

Ed Lochmoeller

Ambassador at Large

Kip Slawter

Ambassador at Large

Robin Schmidt

Ambassador at Large



The subject of forced pastoral exits is the focus of Charles Wickman's doctoral thesis at Trinity Evangelical Seminary


Dr. Charles Wichman developed a program to support previously exited pastors as they returned to ministry in his church.


The first 'pastor-in-residence' graduates from the program developed by Dr. Wickman.


PIR Ministries was formed as a 501c3 Not-For-Profit organization.


Dr. Charles Wichman retired from his church and the PIR Ministry grew to be a national ministry. Program materials were refined by key individuals at Regent University in Virginia.


PIR Ministries has 12 staff members, has supported over hundreds of pastoral families, and is a respected resources for the EPC, ECO, Converge Missionary Church, and other demoniations.


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