At-Risk Pastor Survey

At Risk Pastor Profile Survey

The Pastor-in-Residence At-Risk Pastor Profile is designed to evaluate a pastor's risk of forced resignation from the church he/she now serves. Upon completion, you will receive an immediate response with your score and evaluation. Please read each statement and then chose the number that best represents the frequency of the statement in your life.
  • 0 - Never1- Seldom2 - Sometimes3 - Often4 - Always
    I am confused about my major role in the church.
    I have lost the sense of meaning in my work.
    I feel overworked.
    I feel my work is futile.
    I feel that there are more expectations on me than I can fulfill.
    I wonder about my calling as a pastor.
    I feel my work is too demanding.
    I feel my life is far too stressful.
    Ministry doesn't bring me satisfaction.
    Generally, I feel exhausted.

  • 0 - Never1 - Seldom2 - Sometimes3 - Often4 - Always
    I find little joy in my work.
    I feel I would like to leave the church I now serve.
    I seriously consider leaving the ministry entirely.
    I feel my hope for success has not developed.
    It is very difficult for me to say "no."
    I feel my personal relationship with Christ is a real problem.