Being a Leader of Grace

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Ministry is a joy and a challenge. Each of these hinge on grace: grace, the object, that accesses the fundamental joy and hope which we minister, and grace, the context, that provides the strength and mercy from which we minister in light of challenging (and sometimes painful) circumstances. It’s the “grace in which we stand.” (Rom. 5:1-2; 1 Pet. 5:12) Apart from grace, there is no ministry, and no way we can DO ministry.

The Winter 2016 (and LAST!) edition of “Leadership Journal” highlights this latter aspect of grace  –  how grace enables us to “press on” in ministry, in light of and despite of ourselves and the challenges we face (brought on by others or ourselves.) There are a number of important articles touching on key issues (many of which are the focus of PIR Ministries!) which provide a wealth of understanding for the pressures and problems ministry leaders face.

As a teaser, I invite you to read Mark Buchanan’s commentary (his testimony, really) on developing a “thick-skinned grace.”

Ministry can be (let’s face it, it IS) difficult and demanding. We human beings who devote ourselves to this call of grace are often times exposed to attack, accusation and antipathy from the very ones to whom we are extending grace, mercy and hope. It is often unprovoked, undeserved and untrue…but not always. How we stand in the midst of ministry is crucial.

May God grant us the GRACE to press on!

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