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WELCOME! In the turbulent world of pastoral ministry, the challenges and expectations are unprecedented. Many feel like they are “on the bubble” – stretched thin, worn out, fearful that tomorrow may bring the dreaded news that they are no longer the pastor of the church they are serving. Others have already been terminated, or have walked away, and wonder if there is a future for them in pastoral work. Most don’t know where to turn, either to find the help they need to survive the challenges, or to find their way back.

That’s where we would like to enter the story!

In this blog, you will hear from the staff and leaders of PIR Ministries, and others who are working in ministries that seek to encourage and strengthen the lost shepherds among us. We are grateful to be able to offer in these pages not just fresh ideas on how to stay healthy in every way as a pastor, but the wealth of our own personal experiences as well as the experiences of others who have “been there, done that.” The stories we share, and the stories we live, in one way or another, reflect the fact that we have encountered the God who restores and redeems.

We are still learning about the hope that God provides. We are still learning how to help pastors stay out of the staggering statistics that plague the church today- statistics that represent lives and families, churches and friends who are in crisis. But some things we do know already:

We know that sharing our experience, gained over the years in the process of helping to restore pastors who have been exited, can help prevent those exits from happening, and can move pastors from “at risk” to healthy and balanced.

We know that we have a proven process that provides a way for those terminated, exited, or fallen to reconnect with God, the church and, if appropriate, a life of pastoral ministry.

We know that only God can bring restoration and comfort out of the turmoil of a forced exit in ministry.

We know that the church is God’s instrument for fellowship, accountability, and restoration.

If you are:

  • a pastor who is feeling overwhelmed and on the edge,
  • an exited pastor who is confused and searching for answers,
  • the spouse of a pastor who is unsure of what the future holds,
  • the friend of a pastor who cares about what happens to God’s servants,
  • part of a church that wants to be part of seeing pastors restored,

We desire that you will find refreshment, courage and resources for your journey through what you read here.

We invite your comments and relish your feedback. Above all else, if we can help you find hope again, we want to hear from you. Check out our contact information here and on our website.

Once again, welcome!

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