March 4, 2021

To My Fellow Pastor/road-warriors

I am not sure that any time in my journey with Jesus – and as a leader in the church – has seemed more like an off-road event than this last year. The big detour sign on the “normal” lanes has put me on side roads that have turned into nothing more than tire tracks and, eventually, into gaps between trees and swamps. I don’t recall any training for this… do you? Yet, here we are, bouncing along in our congregational mini-vans, trying to keep everyone in their seats – and the coffee from spilling.

These are and have been hard times. They have asked us to be different kinds of leaders than we have ever been before. The more I reflect on that, the more I am convinced that a lot of the disruption is a good thing. I have been forced to turn off the cruise control and really engage with the daily work of the Holy Spirit in my life – giving discernment, grace and enduring hope.

I am so grateful for you, that you have been willing to strap in and do your very best to navigate yourself and your flock over this rugged and unfamiliar terrain. Your courage and tenacity inspire me. Your trust in Jesus to be the one who, ultimately, grips the wheel speaks deeply to my soul. Thank you! My prayer for you is that the Gospel road map will be firmly before you and you will finish the race well.

Let me offer a final word of encouragement..

You have ONE BOSS you have to please – Jesus.

You have ONE JOB to do – tend HIS flock well.

You have ONE HOPE to live into – the sovereign faithfulness of the Coming King.

In deepest admiration for you!

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