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Hope Is Here

...If shepherds are searching for lost sheep, who is looking for lost shepherds? We are!

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Serving Pastors and their families nationwide for over

Our Mission

Partnering with God and the local church
Restoring hope to pastoral families in transition
Encouraging pastors to build a healthy ministry life

He consoles us as we endure the hardship of life so that we may draw from His comfort and share it with others.

2 Corinthians 1:4


Join the PIR Staff and guests as they offer a message of Gospel hope as well as insights on how pastors can protect their future and guard their present.

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Threats to the Heart of Every Leader
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Are you at risk?

The Pastor-in-Residence At-Risk Pastor Profile is designed to evaluate a pastor’s risk of forced resignation from the church he/she now serves. Upon completion, you will receive an immediate response with your score and evaluation.

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